What are Print Image Files?

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Print Image files are generated by many different Practice Management Systems (Medical Billing Programs).  A Practice Management System also known P.M.S. software generates the medical claims in one of 3 formats: Print Image Format, NSF format, and ANSI format.

The Print Image file is the same thing as if you were printing a claim out to paper but without the lines.  It is a text file that can be opened with a program such as Notepad or any other text editor.

Most of the time but not always, Print Image files are generated by older billing systems or simple ones.  Print image files are converted by the Clearinghouse to the standard ANSI format.

Instead of sending your Print Image files to the Clearinghouses, you can process your files through the Wave-Translator program by Wave-EDI.

Insurance Companies cannot process the Print Image files and rely on Clearinghouses for this task.  Some Insurance Companies allow you to send claims directly without going through a Clearinghouse, but you must send in the ANSI format and pass testing first.  The Wave-Translator has already passed several of these tests and is ready for direct submission to either Clearinghouses or Insurance Companies.

Example of what a CMS 1500 form looks like:


Screenshot of what the 1 claim in a Print Image claims file looks like:


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