Why is it important to convert Print Image format files to ANSI files?

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Since so many different Insurance Companies as well as individual claims requirements vary, it is important that the Healthcare Industry adapt and promote a standardized format.

This format is so that all information technology systems across the board can process your files.  The ANSI 837p format is the standard format, and can get quite complicated.   The ANSI format alone requires additional information that is not generated in the Print Image files.

Creating a “clean” ANSI 837p file that contains multiple claims can get a little bit messy.  It is not an easy job to be sure that the ANSI file will be consistently clean and process correctly.

Throughout the process of medical claims processing, your original claims data that started with a Print Image file that you exported from your Billing System will be converted several times (while being transmitted electronically)  before making it to the final step which is the Insurance Company.  Errors can occur and do occur frequently.  Sometimes this happens without your knowledge until it is too late and you have a delay in payment.

The Wave-Translator has been rigorously tested in both our labs and in real world environments.  Countless number of Print Image Files have been imported into the Wave-Translator program and verified for accuracy when converted to the ANSI 837p format.  It is extremely important that claims are correct when converted into ANSI.

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