5010 version now available

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The Wave-EDI 5010 version is now available!  Wave-EDI is pleased to announce that we are 100% compatible with the ANSI 5010 version.  Please contact us today at WaveEDI.Services@outlook.com


5010 Major update in progress

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Wave-EDI would like to announce that we are now developing a 5010 version of the product!  After many requests for a 5010 upgrade, our customers have spoken and we have listened.  The 5010 version will be available soon.

If you are interested in the special pricing we have to offer for the 5010 version, please send us an email at:  WaveEDI.Services@outlook.com

Please email us if you would like to be one of the first to receive the 5010 version as soon as possible!  Wave-EDI has the best Print Image to ANSI product available in the market today!



Wave-Translator DEMO copy available now

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We are pleased to announce that a demo copy of the Wave-Translator is now available!

This included 2 years of hard work which included development, real world feedback, and field testing.

Prior to the start of  program development which started in February 2009, several years of Research and Development was infused into this program.

Please email us for a free online demo.


Please email us for the fastest response.  






The Wave Translator program is AVAILABLE NOW…It’s as easy as sending an email

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The wait is finally over for the Wave-Translator HCFA to ANSI program!   On June 9th, 2010 it will be available for purchase.

It’s as easy as sending an email!

Features of the Wave-Translator:

  • Can process Commercial claims and Medicaid/Medicare Claims
  • Data integrity check
  • Can process and save different configurations
  • Easy to use..just 5 clicks start to finish

Please contact us via email at:


PRV segment explained

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The PRV segment in ANSI is used to identify the Taxonomy Code specialty of the Provider. You must send the PRV segment in each claim, either in the Billing Provider Loop which is 2000A or in the Rendering Provider Loop which is 2310B.

It is required to have the Taxonomy (PRV segment in the 2000A Billing Provider loop).
The only exception to this rule is if the Rendering and Billing are different
people. If they are different people you would then insert the PRV segment in the 2310B Rendering Provider loop.

If the 2310B Rendering Provider loop is not in the claim, then the PRV segment has to be used in the 2000A Billing Provider loop.

2000A Billing Provider Loop:
PRV*BI segment (“BI” represents BILLING)

2310B Rendering Provider Loop:
PRV*PE segment (“PE” represents PERFORMING)

It has come to the attention of Wave-EDI that an extremely small number of Insurance Companies are requiring that the PRV segment be sent in both the Billing and Rendering loops. This is against the ANSI 837p standard and we hope that this number does not increase.

Link for a list of Taxonomy Codes: